Set up Google Home Automation like a pro!

The article discusses the process of setting up automation on Google Home, a smart hub app. It explains that automation is a routine or series of commands that the app can execute on the user’s behalf. The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up automations on Google Home, starting with using pre-made automations for “Good morning” and “Good night.” It emphasizes the importance of determining the desired action and trigger before setting up an automation.

The article explains that users can choose from various options for triggers, such as a specific phrase, a specific time of day, or a location. It then guides users on setting up actions, which include getting information and reminders, communicating and announcing, adjusting assistant volume, adjusting home devices, adjusting phone settings, getting wellness info, and playing and controlling media. The article advises users to save and test their actions to ensure they work properly.

The article also discusses expanding on basic automations by adding multiple actions and multiple triggers. It suggests setting up vocal triggers as a fun and accessible way to automate actions. The article introduces daylong routines, which allow users to turn things on and off throughout the day without setting up separate automations. It also mentions the option of setting up household routines for more complex triggers.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive guide to setting up automation on Google Home and highlights the flexibility and convenience of using automations in the smart home environment.