Pilz boosts Swedish railways using glass fibre digital innovation.

Pilz, an automation expert, has been selected by the Swedish railway authority, Trafikverket, to modernize the communications infrastructure across the national rail network. The company will replace outdated analogue copper technology with the reliability of glass fiber technology. Pilz’s railway controller, SafetyNET p, will facilitate communication between interlockings and control cabinets along the rail lines, ensuring the secure transfer of digital input/output signals over long-distance glass fiber connections. The solution adheres to safety standards, including SIL4 and EN 50126. Pilz’s commitment extends to safety, efficiency, and the future of rail transport. As a pioneer in industrial digitization, Pilz offers proven safety solutions tailored to the unique demands of the railway industry. The company’s modular and networkable solutions are designed to adapt to the diverse needs of rail operators.