Outrider accelerates yard automation with AI-driven perception technology release.

Outrider Technologies has released an update to its AI-driven perception technology, designed to accelerate yard automation in logistics hubs. The system, trained on data from Fortune 500 customer distribution yards, allows Outrider’s technology to anticipate, understand, and interact with fixed and moving objects in yards. The company claims its product can perform fully autonomous, zero-emission trailer moves and has said its new release will allow it to achieve safety and performance objectives for commercial driverless operations in 2024. Outrider also announced expansion of its engineering workforce in Europe and Latin America following a $73m Series C financing round in 2023.

Key points:

  • Outrider Technologies has released an updated version of its AI-driven perception technology.
  • The new release is designed to accelerate yard automation in logistics hubs.
  • Outrider claims its product can perform fully autonomous, zero-emission trailer moves.
  • The company received $73m in funding in 2023 and will expand its engineering workforce.

The updated system from Outrider includes a new perception stack, incorporating millions of additional datasets and deep learning models, giving the technology improved ability to understand and identify obstacles and actors in the yard. The stack also includes safety features and enhanced predictive capabilities, enabling the technology to better navigate and react to its environment. Outrider’s CEO, Andrew Smith, has stated that the release of the perception system completes the puzzle for all-weather operations and will allow for the automation of trailer-connection at a 40% faster rate. Outrider said its autonomous yard operations are due to be rolled out next year.

The company is exploring international expansion opportunities, particularly in port operations, as it aims to address the widespread pain points of yard operations. Outrider’s system can improve efficiency by ensuring the right trailers are in the right place at the right time, reducing drivers’ turnaround times. The company is also working on AI-driven trailer inventory capability to help locate and track trailers in large yards. Outrider has raised a total of $191m in funding to date.