Samsung’s jaw-dropping Galaxy phone unveiled – get ready for AI!


  • Samsung has announced its new Galaxy S24 smartphone, which features generative AI capabilities.
  • The phone offers live translation during phone calls, note summarization, and AI editing capabilities for photos.
  • Samsung is hoping that the inclusion of AI features will boost its phone sales.

Samsung has unveiled its latest smartphone, the Galaxy S24, which comes equipped with generative AI capabilities. The phone is available in three versions: the S24, the S24+, and the S24 Ultra, with prices ranging from $800 to $1,299.99. Pre-orders for the phone have already begun.

One of the key AI features of the new Galaxy S24 is live translation during phone calls. Users can select the language they are speaking and the language they want to translate to in real time. The feature can also be used to translate the voice of the person on the other end of the call.

Another AI feature is note summarization. Users can write or paste content into a note and with the click of a button, the AI will summarize the content. Additionally, while scrolling or watching videos on social media feeds, users can circle items with a pen or finger and get Google Search results.

The Galaxy S24 also offers AI editing capabilities for photos. Users can relocate, resize, or erase objects in photos, allowing them to manipulate the photos they take.

Samsung is hoping that the inclusion of AI features will help boost its phone sales. The company’s website includes the question, “Why switch from iOS to Galaxy?” as it tries to convince iPhone users to switch to its new smartphone with generative AI capabilities.

Apple recently overtook Samsung as the top smartphone manufacturer, according to a report by International Data Corp.’s worldwide quarterly mobile phone tracker. The report highlighted the increasing importance of AI capabilities on smartphones and noted that the smartphone market is heading towards an interesting time.