Get ready for the mind-blowing Galaxy S24 Series, now with Galaxy AI!


  • Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 series at Galaxy Unpacked 2024, showcasing the smartphone’s Galaxy AI capabilities.
  • The Galaxy S24 series features smart camera features, Live Translate, Chat Assistant, and Note Assistant.
  • The AI-powered features aim to enhance the daily lives of Galaxy users.

At Galaxy Unpacked 2024, Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S24 series, which is equipped with advanced Galaxy AI capabilities. Samsung’s approach to AI goes beyond the capabilities of a smartphone, focusing on empowering users with the right tools. Samsung Newsroom had the opportunity to explore the Galaxy S24 series and its AI features, including Live Translate, Chat Assistant, and Note Assistant. The videos below showcase how Galaxy AI enhances the daily lives of Galaxy users.

Video 1: Live Translate

This video demonstrates the Live Translate feature of the Galaxy S24 series. Live Translate utilizes AI to instantly translate text from different languages using the smartphone’s camera. This feature eliminates language barriers and facilitates communication in real-time.

Video 2: Transcript Assist

The Transcript Assist feature of the Galaxy S24 series is showcased in this video. With Transcript Assist, the smartphone uses AI to transcribe conversations, meetings, or lectures, making it easier for users to review important information or refer back to certain parts of the conversation.

Video 3: Chat Assist

In this video, the Chat Assist feature is highlighted. Chat Assist utilizes AI to provide suggestions and recommendations while typing messages. The feature analyzes the context of the conversation and offers relevant suggestions, making communication more efficient and intuitive.

Video 4: Note Assist

The Note Assist feature is demonstrated in this video. Note Assist uses AI to intelligently organize and categorize notes based on their content. This makes it easier for users to search for specific information or find important notes quickly.

Video 5: Space Zoom_Generative Edit_Instant Slow-mo

This video showcases the advanced camera features of the Galaxy S24 series. The smartphone’s AI-powered camera enables features such as Space Zoom for enhanced zoom capabilities, Generative Edit for creative effects, and Instant Slow-mo for capturing slow-motion video moments.

Video 6: Design

The final video focuses on the design of the Galaxy S24 series. The smartphone features a sleek and modern design, showcasing Samsung’s commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

The Galaxy S24 series, powered by Galaxy AI, brings a new era of mobile AI to Samsung users. With features that enhance communication, organization, and creativity, the Galaxy S24 series aims to elevate the daily lives of its users. For more information, watch the videos above and explore the capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series.