Salesforce disappoints with sales guidance despite AI investment efforts.

Summary of Salesforce Earnings


Key Points:

  • Salesforce’s annual sales outlook fell short of analysts’ expectations
  • The company’s increased investments in AI have not yet boosted revenue

Salesforce recently announced its outlook for annual sales, which fell below analysts’ expectations. The company highlighted its investments in artificial intelligence (AI) but has not yet seen significant returns from these endeavors. Despite unveiling new AI features like the Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s revenue forecast for the 2025 fiscal year remains below expectations, causing a slight dip in its stock value. However, the company’s financial performance for the fourth quarter of 2023 exceeded analysts’ predictions, with higher revenue and net income reported.

CEO Marc Benioff discussed the importance of AI in shaping the company’s future during an earnings call, teasing further AI innovation to be revealed at an upcoming conference. Salesforce also announced plans to expand its stock buyback program and introduce its first quarterly dividend. These developments come after the company recently implemented a workforce restructuring plan, leading to a 10% reduction in staff as part of cost-cutting measures.