AI’s reputation scared me, but now I’m intrigued.



  • Gabriela Capote enrolled in an AI training program after losing her marketing job.
  • The training helped her land a new job and stands out as a qualified AI professional.

Article Summary:

When Gabriela Capote found herself out of a job, she decided to upskill in AI by enrolling in a six-week online course. The training program from Mission Impact Academy (Mia) focused on helping women gain AI skills to enhance their employability. Certification in AI helped Ms. Capote secure a new communications job at an insurance firm and made her stand out among other applicants.

The gender AI gap highlights the importance of women upskilling in AI, with online platforms like Coursera seeing an increase in female learners taking AI courses. Training organizations like Supermums are also offering AI courses to help women re-enter the workforce after breaks.

Experts emphasize the need for women-only AI courses to meet industry standards and provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and hiring practices that counteract biases. Increased AI skills among women are crucial for their future in AI-driven industries, highlighting the importance of fostering gender equality in tech.

In conclusion, upskilling in AI can open doors for women in technology, but it is essential to ensure inclusive and rigorous training programs to promote gender equality in the AI sector.