Princeton, NJ unite for AI hub: jobs and ethical exploration.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has announced a partnership with Princeton University to establish an innovation hub dedicated to artificial intelligence (AI). The hub will foster AI research and development, explore the potential for job growth in the field, and provide guidelines for the ethical use of this emerging yet unregulated technology.

  • The AI hub at Princeton aims to boost economic activity and create quality jobs across New Jersey.
  • The New Jersey Economic Development Authority and Princeton University will collaborate to innovate in AI research and leverage AI potential using state funds and partnerships with private entities.
  • The hub will also explore collaboration opportunities with other universities and educational institutes in the state.

In October, Governor Murphy established an AI Task Force to leverage the technology for economic development and encourage its ethical use. The Task Force, which is tasked with submitting a detailed report of its findings in 2024, includes representatives from various state offices such as the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the state Office of Information Technology, and the Office of Higher Education.

Princeton University President, Christopher Eisgruber, emphasized that Princeton is uniquely equipped to tackle the challenges of harnessing AI and its societal implications. He added, “Working to establish this hub for AI will further our efforts in this important area, while strengthening the regional ecosystem of innovation and advancing Princeton’s teaching and research mission”.

The AI hub will leverage Princeton’s expertise in technology policy and education, application of AI across various fields, foundational research on AI techniques, and interdisciplinary collaborations focusing on the beneficial uses of technology.

Details regarding state funding for the hub and specific university departments and private partnerships expected to drive the AI hub have not been immediately disclosed by the state and Princeton University.