Princeton’s AI hub: igniting a fresh era of groundbreaking revelations.

• New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and Princeton University President Chris Eisgruber recently announced a collaboration to create a formal hub for artificial intelligence (AI) research and activity at Princeton.
• The AI hub, which will be run in partnership with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, aims to use state funding and private sector partnerships to accelerate AI innovation and job growth, as well as offer guidance to governments and public bodies on AI application.

A new AI hub at Princeton University has been established to “unleash a new century of game-changing discovery”, according to Governor Phil Murphy. The hub will operate in association with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority and aims to harness the state’s funding and innovation from the private sector to push forward the state’s leadership in AI. The hub is expected to catalyze innovation in AI technologies and grow job opportunities and economic development sprawling across the region.

Princeton University along with the state will co-host a conference on AI at Princeton on April 11th. The main goal of the conference is to unite leaders from the realms of academia, industry and government to discuss the pressing issues related to AI today. The potential of the hub is said to be limitless.

The AI hub initiatives are expected to mould the future generations of the state, according to Beth Noveck, the state’s chief innovation officer. She emphasized that the establishment of the hub implies a pro-active approach towards shaping the future rather than just anticipating it. It has been formulated with the firm belief that combining Princeton’s legendary brainpower with New Jersey’s innovative spirit will help to solve complex problems and meet great challenges.

Excitement about the future of AI on Princeton’s campus and the rush to gain knowledge is likely to grow exponentially, particularly with the creation of the new hub. Princeton’s Provost Jennifer Rexford mentioned there are numerous students flocking to any course related to AI both at the undergraduate and graduate level, a sign of the university’s readiness to serve as a hub for AI research.

The exact plans for the growth of the AI hub have not been released yet but they would be seeking more academic and corporate partners from the state and across the globe. Throughout the process, Princeton is looking forward to continuously collaborating with local communities, higher education partners and the state of New Jersey, to innovate and discover more in AI.