Experience AI-powered WiFi-7 with Qualcomm FastConnect 7900, Bluetooth, and UWB integration.


Key Points:

  • Qualcomm introduced FastConnect 7900 at the Mobile World Congress, offering AI-optimized WiFi-7 performance.
  • FastConnect 7900 integrates Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technologies, and provides power efficiency.

Article Summary:

The article discusses Qualcomm’s launch of the FastConnect 7900 at the Mobile World Congress, which brings several industry firsts in wireless connectivity. The FastConnect 7900 includes AI-optimized WiFi-7 performance, utilizing on-device trained AI models to optimize various data stream types. The article highlights the importance of AI in improving data throughput for activities like streaming video, gaming, and video conferencing.

Additionally, the article mentions FastConnect 7900’s integration of Bluetooth 5.4 and UWB radios on a single chip, simplifying designs for phone manufacturers and enabling powerful device proximity and awareness technologies. The inclusion of UWB technology in the solution is expected to expand in the Android market later this year.

The article also emphasizes the power efficiency of FastConnect 7900, with a 50% lower power consumption of the RF front end modules and a 40% lower power consumption of the chip itself. This focus on power efficiency makes FastConnect 7900 a promising mobile WiFi-7 solution.

In conclusion, Qualcomm’s FastConnect 7900 aims to accelerate the adoption of WiFi-7 technology, with the company already shipping millions of units of its previous generation solution. With FastConnect 7900 set for commercial launch in the second half of the year, Qualcomm is playing a key role in advancing WiFi-7 connectivity.