Fake Biden call creator pushes for AI regulation enforcement.


Key Points:

  • Political consultant behind fake Biden robocall created a message to raise awareness about AI.
  • Concerned about potential harmful uses of artificial intelligence in campaigns.

The article discusses how Steve Kramer, a political consultant, created a robocall mimicking President Joe Biden’s voice to send a message about the potential misuse of artificial intelligence. Kramer paid a magician to create the message, which falsely suggested that voting in the New Hampshire primary would prevent voters from casting a ballot in November. Despite facing backlash and investigation for potentially violating voter suppression laws, Kramer defended his actions as a deliberate effort to raise awareness about the dangers of AI in political campaigns.

Kramer, who has worked on various political campaigns, expressed frustration with the slow regulation of AI in politics and decided to take matters into his own hands. He intentionally chose the timing of the fake robocall to garner national attention and spark discussions about the misuse of AI tools in elections. While facing scrutiny and subpoenas from authorities, Kramer stands by his actions as a necessary step to push for immediate regulatory action and prevent further misuse of AI in elections.

In response to the New Hampshire incident, the FCC has banned robocalls containing AI-generated voices, and tech companies have vowed to take precautionary measures to combat the spread of misinformation through AI tools. Kramer’s call for swift action across regulatory bodies and social platforms highlights the need for comprehensive measures to address the evolving challenges posed by AI in political campaigns.