Stock sizzles hotter than Nvidia; veteran investor finds it reasonably priced.


  • Veteran investor Louis Navellier believes Super Micro Computer is a hotter stock than Nvidia in the AI sector.
  • Super Micro Computer’s shares have soared more than 200% compared to Nvidia’s 59% this year.

Key Elements of the Article:

Louis Navellier, Chairman and Founder of Navellier & Associates, has highlighted Super Micro Computer as a standout stock in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. The company, which makes AI systems and graphics processing unit servers, saw its shares surge by 960% last year, surpassing the growth of Nvidia, a well-known player in the industry.
Navellier believes that Super Micro Computer is currently “hotter” than Nvidia and attributes this to the company consistently beating its guidance. While Nvidia is a dominant player in the hardware space, Navellier sees Super Micro Computer as another key player worth investing in.
Wall Street analysts have also expressed confidence in Super Micro Computer, with Bank of America and Rosenblatt setting price targets showcasing significant upside potential. With its strong performance and strategic positioning in the AI market, Super Micro Computer is gaining attention from investors looking to capitalize on the AI trend.


In conclusion, Super Micro Computer has emerged as a compelling investment option in the AI sector, outperforming industry giants like Nvidia and garnering positive ratings from analysts. With its impressive growth trajectory and potential for further expansion, the stock presents an opportunity for investors seeking exposure to the thriving AI market.