Apple gets serious with AI


Key Points:

  • Apple announced the development of a family of multimodal models called MM1, showcasing superior AI abilities.
  • Apple is reportedly considering a partnership with Google to license and integrate Google’s Gemini AI engine into upcoming Apple products.

In recent news, Apple has shown a renewed focus on advancing its AI capabilities with the announcement of MM1, a family of multimodal models that can interpret and generate different types of data simultaneously. This development hints at future AI features for Apple products like iPhones, Macs, and Siri.

However, Apple’s interest in potentially licensing Google’s Gemini AI engine suggests that the tech giant may be looking to bolster its AI efforts. This partnership could significantly enhance Apple’s AI capabilities and bring them on par with other tech companies leading in the field.

While Apple has been relatively quiet about its AI vision, recent moves indicate a strategic shift towards integrating advanced AI features into its ecosystem. The potential partnership with Google could mark a significant step forward for both companies, providing Google access to Apple’s extensive user base and giving Apple the foundation to enhance its AI-powered iOS features.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Apple and Google on AI could lead to groundbreaking advancements in AI technology, positioning both companies at the forefront of the AI arms race.