Keep an eye on these 3 underdog AI stocks!


Key Points:

  • Generative AI underdogs in the market with potential: Snowflake (SNOW), Palantir (PLTR), The Trade Desk (TTD)
  • Smaller market cap companies showing promise in the AI space

Stocks to Watch: 3 Generative AI Underdogs That Deserve Your Attention

The article discusses three generative AI underdogs in the market that show potential for growth and disruption: Snowflake, Palantir, and The Trade Desk. These companies, though smaller in market cap, are making strides in the AI space and should not be overlooked.

Snowflake has recently seen a CEO change and a dip in its stock price, but with a focus on AI and insider buying, it could be poised for growth. Palantir, despite its small market cap, has been performing well and has the potential to continue in the generative AI race. The Trade Desk, an ad tech company, is also embracing AI and has shown strong earnings guidance.

Overall, these underdogs in the generative AI space have the potential for significant growth and should be on investors’ radar.