“Two SXSWs: AI Divide Wide Enough to Drive Industry Through”


  • AI dominated discussions at SXSW, with conflicting views on its potential impact on the film industry
  • “The Fall Guy” premiere highlighted the divide between AI skeptics and enthusiasts
  • Filmmakers express fear of AI disrupting human creativity, while industry professionals see AI as a tool for innovation
  • Debate centers around the use of AI in filmmaking, with concerns about its implementation and impact on traditional craft

Key Elements of the Article:

After two days of discussions at SXSW, it became clear that the film industry is grappling with the integration of AI into filmmaking. The premiere of “The Fall Guy” showcased the stark divide between those who see AI as a revolutionary tool and those who fear it will diminish human creativity in filmmaking. Filmmakers at the conference expressed skepticism and anxiety about the potential impact of AI on their craft, while industry professionals emphasized the power of AI to enhance creativity and innovation. The debate underscores the challenge of adapting to new technology while preserving traditional filmmaking practices.

The premiere of “The Fall Guy” highlighted the nostalgia for old-school filmmaking techniques and practical stunts, contrasting with the potential disruption posed by AI. Filmmakers like The Daniels expressed concerns about the impact of AI on storytelling and creativity, while industry professionals at the conference embraced AI as a tool for progress and efficiency in filmmaking. The clash between these opposing views reflects a broader discussion within the film industry about the role of technology in shaping the future of cinema.