Upgrade AI chatbots with Trekkie quirks for better math skills.


Research shows that AI chatbots produce more accurate results for math problems when fed phrases related to Star Trek.

Key Points:

  • Study found that using Star Trek phrases with chatbots led to better math problem solving
  • AI models are black boxes, making it difficult to understand how they arrive at results

New research has discovered an interesting quirk in AI chatbots – when prompted with phrases related to Star Trek, the chatbots produced more accurate results for math problems. The study, published on arXiv and reported by New Scientist, found that using “positive thinking” prompts, such as “Captain’s Log, Stardate [insert date here],” yielded better outcomes.

The researchers were initially exploring the effects of positive encouragement on AI performance, and stumbled upon this Star Trek phenomenon. The study tested 60 different phrases with three Large Language Models and found that the Star Trek references worked the best. Despite the success of these prompts, the researchers emphasize that AI models are complex black boxes, making it difficult to understand their decision-making process.

Overall, this discovery highlights the mysterious nature of AI optimization and how these models can outperform humans in certain tasks. While using Star Trek references may not always guarantee the best results, it does offer insight into the potential of AI technology in problem-solving scenarios.