Nvidia sued for copyright infringement by author.

Article Summary


  • Nvidia is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit for using copyrighted books without consent to train its NeMo AI platform.
  • The authors seek unspecified damages for copyright infringement of their works in the dataset used by NeMo.

Key Elements:

Nvidia, a leading AI-centric company, is being sued by authors Brian Keene, Abdi Nazemian, and Stewart O’Nan for allegedly using their copyrighted books without permission to train its NeMo AI platform. The authors’ works were part of a dataset of around 196,640 works that helped NeMo simulate normal written language before being removed in October due to reported copyright infringement. The lawsuit claims that Nvidia infringed their copyrights by training NeMo on the dataset, and seeks unspecified damages for the affected authors in the United States.

This lawsuit is part of a larger trend of litigation against AI companies for copyright infringement. In December, a group of authors sued ChatGPT maker OpenAI and Microsoft for similar reasons. Nvidia, on the other hand, is experiencing significant growth and is positioned to become the world’s second-most valuable company in the AI industry. Its market capitalization is rapidly approaching $2.38 trillion, surpassing tech giants like Amazon and Alphabet.

It is important for companies in the AI industry to respect the rights of content creators and ensure that they benefit from AI technology and new revenue models. The outcome of this lawsuit against Nvidia could have implications for how AI companies use copyrighted materials in their training datasets.