Ulta steps up, pilots lash tech in beauty automation world.

Ulta Beauty, in partnership with Luum Precision Lash, is piloting a lash application technology which uses artificial intelligence and robotics to apply false eyelashes faster and more efficiently. This partnership heralds the introduction of ‘beauty experience automation’. The first trial of this new technology is being conducted at Ulta’s South San Jose store in the Bay Area.

  • The innovative technology, developed by Luum Precision Lash, a portfolio company of Prisma Ventures which is Ulta’s digital innovation fund, is designed to reduce the time it takes to apply lash extensions from hours to potentially as short as 33 minutes.
  • This increased efficiency in eyelash application could significantly enhance scalability potential for beauty retailers scaling such services.
  • The service offers options of three lash styles, two lengths and costs $170 for a full set and $80 for a fill set.

Prama Bhatt, Chief Digital Officer at Ulta Beauty, said the partnership with Luum Precision Lash underlines the company’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology to unlock new experiences for their customers. Bhatt also expressed her excitement for the partnership and the chance to offer these innovative lash application services for the first time at the San Jose store.

This effort to streamline and automate the beauty experience sets a new standard for in-store beauty services and could potentially revolutionize how such services are offered and performed in the future.