NEMESI: Streamlining your tasks while cultivating the mind.

Leonardo Aerostructures, the aviation branch of Italy-based Leonardo Company, is revolutionising the way manufacturing is done via a project called NEMESI or New Engineering & Manufacturing Enhanced System Innovation. The NEMESI project will automate manufacturing processes and equip the workforce with necessary skills to engage with Industry 4.0 technologies. This aims to transform the Pomigliano d’Arco site into a smart factory.

  • NEMESI aims to integrate industrial automation and digitalisation, ultimately transforming work practices and productivity.
  • The project also has a people-centric focus and aims to prepare employees’ minds to harness the potential of new technologies efficiently.
  • NEMESI not only utilises the tech-concept of smart factories but also fosters inclusivity by transforming the site into a place of consistent, ongoing interaction with enhanced managerial practices.

Besides the automation of processes, NEMESI is equally about a paradigm shift in the understanding and utilisation of technological progress. The programme incorporates digitalisation innovations across the entire production timeline, evolving standard manufacturing concepts.

The project’s Industrial 4.0 framework facilitates a business development model that encourages expanding perimeters. This involves moving beyond conventional divisions among the parent company, suppliers, manufacturers, and ancillary services towards a more integrated and collaborative platform. This fosters a new way of managing social interactions within the workplace.

NEMESI combines technological advancement with human adaptability to develop a unique advantage. By preparing employees to adapt to new technologies, it ensures the successful implementation of digitalisation. This focus on human resources adheres to the belief that no technological advances can be wholly productive without adequately training the minds of those who will use them.

Overall, NEMESI promises a better future for manufacturing firms moving towards Industry 4.0, both in terms of technological development and human skills adaptation.