Top investors predict AI boom in 2024; see what’s coming!

TITLE: Predictions from Top Investors on AI in 2024


  • Investors predict that AI startups may raise substantial financing before investors realize the company has no human employees.
  • Early adopters of AI may go bankrupt or be acquired for fractions of their valuations.

Investor Predictions:

  • The hype around AI may continue for another 9 months before companies realize that growth is not as fast as expected.
  • Companies experimenting with AI may experience growth stalls and increased cash burn as they determine business models and find use cases.
  • AI-related companies will continue to dominate the market in 2024.
  • Over $200 billion will be spent on AI infrastructure in 2024.
  • Gen Z may have AI-generated friends, but automation will not replace jobs.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Companies will need skilled developers to implement DevSecOps strategies in response to AI-based threats.
  • Generative AI will excel at data analysis and aggregation, but evidence is still needed in certain use cases.
  • Large Language Models will be replaced by domain-specific models trained on smaller datasets.
  • AI will have a significant impact on data centers, creating opportunities for improved networking and energy efficiency.

Emerging Players:

  • Meta, with its generative AI capabilities, is positioned to revolutionize everyday life.
  • Google, Meta, and Microsoft will experience revenue growth, but will have fewer employees as AI productivity improvements absorb support and administrative roles.
  • Amazon is expected to launch AI-powered search, revolutionizing online search and e-commerce.

Ethics and Safety:

  • Generative AI may be weaponized to drive misinformation around elections, leading to legislation that is inefficient in addressing the problem.
  • Successful application of AI to improve safety and public needs will separate companies in terms of public trust.

Overall, investors predict a mixed outlook for AI in 2024. While there may be challenges and disappointments, there are also opportunities for growth and innovation in various industries.