Today’s Honeywell Automation India stock plunge: live update, big shake-up.

  • Honeywell Automation India’s stock price increased by 0.69% on December 18, 2023, closing at 35639.65 per share.
  • Its stock ranged from ₹ 35,262.65 ($469.11) to ₹ 35,934.95 ($477.71) during the trading day, while the opening price was ₹ 35,700.05 ($474.67) and the closing price was ₹ 35,640.7 ($473.82).
  • Investors are advised to monitor Honeywell Automation India’s stock price closely in the coming weeks to assess its reaction to the market.

The market capitalization of Honeywell Automation India stood at ₹ 31,295.23 crore ($4163.23 million), with the 52-week high and low being ₹ 44,100 ($586.18) and ₹ 34,383 ($457.41), respectively. The BSE volume for the day was 434 shares.

During the trading day, the share price of Honeywell Automation India saw several shifts. At 09:07:07 AM IST, the stock had experienced a negative percent change of -0.69%, trading at ₹ 35,395.75 ($470.61). However, by 10:08:25 AM IST, the stock price had increased by 1.42% to ₹ 35,900 ($477.28), a ₹ 504.25 ($6.67) increase from its previous value.

Subsequent updates saw the stock price fluctuating, eventually closing at ₹ 35,640.7 ($473.82). The current stock price of Honeywell Automation India is at an increase, signaling a good day for the company’s trading.

Investors are urged to keep a close tab on Honeywell Automation India’s stock price over the coming days and weeks to gauge its response to market trends and how it might affect their investment decisions.

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