Catch Craftsman Automation’s stock dive in today’s live trading updates.

Key Points:

  • Craftsman Automation’s stock price declined by -0.57% today, closing at 5326.85 per share and currently trading at 5296.3 per share.
  • It is advisable for investors to keep a close watch on Craftsman Automation’s stock price in the coming days and weeks due to fluctuations.
  • Craftsman Automation’s market capitalization stands at ₹ 11190.08 crore.
  • In the past 52 weeks, the highest and lowest prices of the stock were ₹ 5413 and ₹ 2699.4 respectively.

The Craftsman Automation share price faced a downward trend in today’s trading session. The closing price of the stock was at 5326.85 per share, with a decline of -0.57%. The latest trading price for Craftsman Automation’s stocks is 5296.3 per share. Investors are urged to closely track the Craftsman Automation stock price in the upcoming days and weeks to evaluate its response to recent financial news.

Craftsman Automation’s stock price opened at ₹ 5303.45 today and closed at the same price. The stock reached a daily high of ₹ 5345.85 and a low of ₹ 5222. The firm’s current market capitalization stands at ₹ 11190.08 crore. Over the past year, the highest and lowest prices of the stock were ₹ 5413 and ₹ 2699.4 respectively. BSE reported a volume of 1462 shares for the day.

According to recent trading updates, Craftsman Automation shares experienced a mix of ups and downs throughout the day. Despite this volatility, the stock saw some periods of growth—for instance, it was reported trading at ₹ 5423.6, up by 1.82% from yesterday at one point during the session.

However, the shares also saw some declines during the trading day. For instance, the share price dipped to ₹ 5277.75, down -0.92% from yesterday at one point. Towards the market’s close it was trading at ₹ 5296.3, reflecting a decrease of -0.57% from yesterday’s closing price.