“The Internet Went Wild Over an Automated Spokesmodel’s Performance”

Summary of Article


Key points:

  • AI-generated ad created by Arcads using AI technology
  • Ariel, a content creator, was approached by Arcads to be a part of the campaign

The article discusses how Ariel, a content creator, was approached by a marketing company called Arcads to be a part of their AI technology campaign. She was asked to create videos by providing various prompts and filming in different settings. The company then used AI technology to synthesize her voice and facial movements into an ad promoting a brand of cleaning wipes. The video went viral, sparking a debate among AI enthusiasts and skeptics about the future of AI and deep fakes.

The article explores the implications of AI technology like HeyGen and Arcads in creating realistic marketing videos and how it blurs the line between reality and virtual avatars. It discusses the potential consequences of AI technology on media consumption and the spread of misinformation. Despite the controversy surrounding the video, Ariel continues to work with Arcads and sees it as an opportunity to boost her profile and attract more business.

Overall, the article highlights the growing influence of AI technology in marketing and media, raising questions about authenticity, consent, and the impact of AI-generated content on society.