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  • AI security and compliance are major topics in the data center industry.
  • Gender equity in the IT and data center space is being discussed.

In this week’s data center news roundup, several key topics are highlighted. First, AI security and compliance are at the forefront of discussions in the industry. The US government-backed nonprofit organization Mitre opened a new AI Assurance and Discovery Lab to test AI systems for security risks and biases. Meanwhile, in Europe, the European Union passed the AI Act to establish guidelines and penalties for businesses using artificial intelligence.

On the gender equity front, discussions are ongoing about supporting women in the data center and IT space. Challenges persist for women in the tech workplace, including balancing caregiving responsibilities and addressing microaggressions and discrimination. Efforts are also being made to boost recruitment and retention of women in the data center industry.

In terms of data center developments, Avant Technologies is building a micro data center in Milwaukee to meet the demand for AI training infrastructure. NTT Data announced plans to construct a 26.6 acre data center campus outside of Berlin, while Sirius Real Estate sold its Frankfurt business park site to a data center developer. Bain Capital is seeking backers for an expansion of Chindata Group Holdings, and Lendlease and Princeton Digital Group completed construction of a large data center in Japan.

Overall, the data center industry is experiencing significant growth and changes, with a focus on AI security and compliance, gender equity, and new developments in data center construction and investment. Stay tuned for more updates in the fast-paced world of data centers.