Public opinion shifting against AI, polls indicate.


Key Points:

  • Global trust in AI is eroding less than 18 months into the “AI revolution.”
  • Trust in AI has dropped from 61% in 2019 to 53% globally, with only 35% in the US trusting the tech.

The public’s trust in artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly declining, according to a recent poll conducted by consultancy firm Edelman. Despite the tech industry’s positive image of AI, recent polling data suggests that people are divided on whether AI is there to help, leading to a decrease in trust globally.

One key finding from the poll is that people believe AI innovation has been “badly managed” by a two-to-one margin. While 76% of people trust the tech industry in general, only half trust AI specifically, indicating a need for further exploration as major tech companies continue to invest heavily in AI.

The respondents of the Edelman poll indicated that they look to scientists to inform them on AI safety, presenting an opportunity for the research community to establish themselves as authorities on the subject. Those who prioritize responsible AI and transparent partnerships with communities and governments will lead the industry and rebuild the trust that technology has lost along the way.