Personalized, Automated, and Simple: kvCORE Frees Agents’ Time

In a world where technology is taking over so much of the industry, Lance Donaldson, a top-performing agent affiliated with eXp, has found that personalized service is what sets him apart. He credits Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE platform with allowing him to automate much of his workload, giving him more time to focus on important tasks. The platform helps generate high-quality leads through Google Pay-Per-Click, and Donaldson can customize follow-up messages specific to his market. He says kvCORE has helped him balance timely follow-up with clients without being pushy. With the intuitive platform taking care of the busywork, Donaldson now has more time for leisure activities and more complex questions. He praises kvCORE for simplifying his life and allowing him to focus on the most important parts of his business and personal life.