OpenAI and Intel CEOs acknowledge AI’s hunger for processing power.

Artificial Intelligence Processing Power


– CEOs of OpenAI and Intel discuss the need for more processing power for AI chips
– Intel plans to catch up to Nvidia in the AI chip market

In a recent conference in San Jose, California, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman talked about the growing demand for chips needed to power artificial intelligence. Both companies are looking to produce more sophisticated chips to keep up with the market, as Nvidia reported a quadrupling of revenue in the November-January period. Altman highlighted the need for more processing power to further develop AI technology and compete with other players in the market.

Key Points:

Altman emphasized the importance of accelerating the AI momentum to advance technology for a better future.
Nvidia has benefitted significantly from the AI gold rush and has seen considerable growth.
Gelsinger predicts Intel will have the world’s second-largest foundry business by 2030 largely due to the demand for AI chips.
Intel is vying for a portion of the $52 billion from the U.S. Commerce Department to increase manufacturing capacity in the processor market.