Hong Kong needs to tackle AI, climate, and geopolitics challenges.

Article Summary


Key Points:

  • Hong Kong must enhance literacy and competency in AI, climate sustainability, and geopolitics to stay current.
  • The city needs to take proactive steps to pave the way for its future amidst global dangers identified by the World Economic Forum.

The article emphasizes the importance of Hong Kong addressing three key global dangers – artificial intelligence (AI), climate sustainability, and geopolitics – to ensure the city remains relevant and proactive. It discusses the impact of extreme weather events due to climate change, the need for Hong Kong to embrace renewable energy sources, the importance of AI competency and ethical considerations, and the necessity for understanding and navigating the changing geopolitical landscape. The author suggests that Hong Kong has the potential to lead in climate adaptation, establish AI standards regionally, and contribute to building bridges in a fracturing world, ultimately highlighting the importance of future-proofing the city in a changing multipolar world.