Nvidia shows off smarter AI robots, fully self-sufficient models coming.

Nvidia debuts ‘more intelligent’ AI-powered robots; truly self-reliant bots ‘further out’ – Summary


Key Points:

  • Nvidia has debuted a new robot project as part of Project GR00T, focusing on developing “foundation models” of generative AI for robotics tasks without external training.
  • The project aims to make robots more generalizable and autonomous in complex environments.

Nvidia continues its pivot from hardware to AI development with the introduction of a new robot project post the Figure 01 demonstration. The project, known as Project GR00T, focuses on developing foundation models for robotics tasks using generative AI and self-supervised learning. Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, unveiled various robots, including Star Wars-themed Disney robots, at the GTC conference. The GR00T system, also known as Generalist Robot 00 Technology, is designed to enhance the operational capabilities of robots through generative AI, enabling them to understand complex environments and perform a range of tasks.

The Nvidia robot utilizes the new computer system, Jetson Thor, to handle complex tasks and interact safely with people and machines. The company’s revenue has seen a significant boost due to the increased interest and demand for AI technologies. Nvidia’s pivot to AI development started in late 2023 and has gained traction in the industry. OpenAI’s partnership with Figure has led to the development of the Figure 01 robot, which demonstrated advanced AI capabilities and realistic responses, garnering attention online.