Election experts warn of AI, deepfakes in 2024 race preparation


Experts are raising alarms about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and deepfakes to spread misinformation in the 2024 elections. The Department of Homeland Security issued guidance on combating AI schemes, and North Carolina is taking steps to address these concerns. Examples of AI in elections include deepfake videos and fake robocalls. While some companies have internal regulations, there is a lack of legislative action in North Carolina regarding AI in elections.


Another sign of the rising role of misinformation in politics: The federal government is issuing guidance to states on how to combat high-tech efforts to trick voters as the 2024 elections heat up. The Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity agency sent warnings and tips to elections officials in North Carolina and elsewhere on how to fight schemes using artificial intelligence to spread misinformation about specific candidates or even the election itself. Here in North Carolina, the efforts to prepare for such tricks are underway. “The State Board of Elections has been and continues to be concerned about false information about elections on the Internet and social media,” elections board spokesman Pat Gannon said. “The emergence of AI-driven false information in elections exacerbates these concerns.” The 2022 elections saw the use of deepfakes… (continue writing the summary based on the original article)