No more Taylor Swift on X – AI photo scandal aftermath.


  • Taylor Swift’s name is unsearchable on X (formerly Twitter) after sexually explicit deepfake images of the pop star began circulating online.
  • Swift’s official X account is still accessible, but searching her name returns an error message.

Social media users searching for Taylor Swift’s name on X (formerly Twitter) were met with an error message stating “Something went wrong. Try reloading.” This issue arises after sexually explicit deepfake images of Swift circulated online, with one post containing the images receiving 47 million views before the account was suspended. While X has shut down several accounts that shared the fake images, they continue to be shared on other platforms. In response, the White House has called for legislation to protect victims of online harassment, and SAG-AFTRA has called for the development and dissemination of fake images without someone’s consent to be made illegal.