ModumUp Agency: Fueling B2B Marketing with AI, Automation, and Metaverse!

The ModumUp agency recently hosted an online conference on AI, automation, and the metaverse in B2B marketing and sales. Led by founder Olga Bondareva, the conference featured 14 expert speakers from companies associated with AI and automation. The event attracted 3,700 registrations and had 2,200 views. Key topics discussed included AI for B2B marketing and sales, the metaverse as a new social media, automation vs. personalization, and automation tools for social selling. The conference highlighted the importance of integrating AI and automation into B2B strategies, while also emphasizing the need to strike a balance between automation and personalization in marketing and sales. The speakers also discussed the future transition of social media to the metaverse and its potential for engaging younger audiences. The ModumUp agency specializes in managing LinkedIn personal profiles, connecting with clients and partners, and aiding in personal brand development. The conference recordings are available for viewing on YouTube.