2023: Ozonetel Study shows, AI boosts contact center performance!

In 2023, AI-led automation has transformed contact center performance, according to a study conducted by Ozonetel. The study analyzed 10 million calls made on Ozonetel’s CCaaS platform across a range of industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, insurance, banking, and logistics. The study found that customer engagement has improved, with a 41% reduction in abandonment rates and an average 10% faster call answer time by agents. Customers were also 15% more likely to answer calls from businesses this year compared to the previous year. Additionally, agents were 20% more efficient in handling inbound conversations. The study highlights five key areas of improvement: decreased abandon rates, reduced pickup time, reduced average talk time, reduced wrap time, and improved contact rates. Abandon rates significantly improved this year, with only 20% of calls being disconnected by callers compared to 34% in the previous year. Pickup time reduced to 6.9 seconds from 7.7 seconds, and average talk time reduced to 2.64 minutes from 3.7 minutes. Wrap time reduced to 43.6 seconds from 47.4 seconds, and contact rates increased to 45% from 39%. The study also provided a report card for different industry verticals, with sectors like quick commerce, D2C, and banks maintaining high customer service standards, while NBFC, fintech, and insurance struggled in certain areas. The study concludes that AI will continue to play a crucial role in contact center performance, freeing up agents for high-value conversations and deepening customer relationships.