Mahindra’s AI Bot Axed: Formula E Team Reacts to Public Outcry


  • Mahindra Formula E racing team fires its AI-generated bot, Ava, after facing backlash
  • The bot, designed to promote the team’s technology, sparked criticism for not choosing a real woman ambassador

The Mahindra Formula E racing team recently faced backlash after launching an AI-generated bot named Ava as its female ambassador. The bot, described as a “sustainable tech queen & racing rebel robot,” was created to promote the team’s technology. However, the decision to use an AI bot instead of a real woman ambassador was met with overwhelming negative feedback.

The backlash was swift, with many people expressing disappointment and frustration with the team’s decision. Some criticized the team for not choosing a real woman ambassador, while others argued that the use of an AI bot was shallow and short-sighted.

Within minutes of the launch, the team received negative feedback from around the world, prompting them to quickly remove Ava from their channels and issue a statement acknowledging the mistake. The team’s CEO and team principal, Frederic Bertrand, stated that they have listened to the feedback and decided to discontinue the project.

The controversy highlights the increasing prominence of women in motorsports and the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the industry. Other automakers, such as Honda, have emphasized the value of hiring and promoting diverse talent in their motorsports programs. Honda highlighted the critical roles that women play in their organization and their efforts to support women drivers.

Mahindra’s decision to fire Ava and learn from the backlash serves as a reminder of the need to take women in motorsports seriously. Although Ava has been removed, the incident highlights the ongoing challenges women face in being recognized and valued in the industry.