KKR spotlights AI, decarbonization as mega trends, Vista backs enterprise software.

Investment firm KKR has identified four key themes that are expected to influence the global economic landscape over the next few years, which include worker reskilling, decarbonization, industrial automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). Unveiling its 2024 Global Macro Outlook, KKR said its “mega themes” are expected to have significant impacts on deal-making activities. Meanwhile, Vista Equity Partners is still heavily invested in enterprise software.

  • Industrial Automation: KKR expects that a combination of rising labor costs, demographic shifts, and continued advancement in computing power will drive more industries towards automation. This could lead to opportunities across various sectors such as warehousing and logistics, food processing, and healthcare.
  • Worker Reskilling: With technological change and automation leading to shifts in labor markets, there will be a renewed emphasis on skills development. KKR predicts significant growth in this domain, with businesses and governments invest in developing human capital to adapt to changing work environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence: KKR sees AI as a critical pillar of the digital economy. With AI increasingly applied across industries to enhance efficiency, make better predictions, and create new business models, KKR highlights the potential for significant investment opportunities in the space.
  • Decarbonization: With economies globally working towards reducing carbon emissions, KKR identifies decarbonization as a key investment theme. The adoption of clean energy solutions and technologies that help reduce carbon footprints will present significant opportunities.

Vista Equity Partners, on the other hand, continues to place its bets on enterprise software. Their investments are directed towards promising sectors in 2024, which they believe include energy transition, cybersecurity, and healthcare IT. The focus seems to be on disruptive technologies that are set to redefine their respective sectors.