Get wowed by SC23’s colossal NVIDIA AI servers, Big Gigabyte!

At the SC23 event, Gigabyte showcased a range of NVIDIA AI servers. The top five servers highlighted in the article are:

  • The Gigabyte G593-SD0, which is an 8-GPU server based on the NVIDIA HGX H100 platform. It features dual processors and has unique front-mounted storage and network card options.
  • The Gigabyte G493-SB0, an 8x PCIe Gen5 double-width GPU server that supports Intel Xeon processors. It has NVMe SSD, hard drive storage, and two expansion slots.
  • The Gigabyte H223-V10, a 2U 4-node server with NVIDIA Grace Hopper system. Each node has 72 Arm cores and a NVIDIA Hopper GPU.
  • The Gigabyte H263-V60, a 2U 4-node server for the NVIDIA Grace Superchip. It has 144 Arm Neoverse V2 cores and more expansion slots than the GH200 nodes.
  • The Gigabyte XH23-VG0, a 2U system for the Grace Hopper with more I/O expansion possibilities.

These servers are designed for AI applications and offer high performance and scalability. The article also mentions that STH will be reviewing non-NVIDIA server solutions in January 2024.