AI shook up 2023; AR set to soar in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) dominated the headlines in 2023, disrupting and transforming every industry. Key tech stories of the year revolved around AI and machine learning, augmented reality, and the return to the office.

Ryan Ozawa, the Emerging Tech Editor of, summarized the significant tech stories of 2023 and shared his outlook for 2024. He expects an “AI Overload,” with a focus on Apple Vision Pro, the Bitcoin Halving, the end of Twitter, and a focus on elections.

In 2023, AI advancements had a significant impact on various industries. The emergence of AI-powered systems and machine learning algorithms revolutionized processes and workflows across multiple sectors. AI also played a crucial role in enhancing customer experiences and personalization.

Augmented reality (AR) garnered significant attention in 2023 as well. Tech giants like Apple and Meta (formerly Facebook) invested heavily in AR technologies and applications. The utilization of AR in gaming, entertainment, and virtual communication experienced rapid growth.

The return to the office and the end of remote work were also significant tech stories in 2023. As the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, many companies and organizations made efforts to transition their employees back to physical workspaces. The challenges and benefits of remote work were extensively discussed and debated throughout the year.

Cryptocurrency experienced a “rebuilding year” in 2023. Major companies in the tech industry, including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Meta, faced layoffs and restructuring in their cryptocurrency divisions. Despite the setbacks, the interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies continued to rise.

Looking ahead to 2024, Ryan Ozawa predicts an “AI Overload.” The advancements in AI technology will continue to disrupt various industries and shape the future of work and daily life. This includes the introduction of Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to revolutionize the way we interact with augmented reality.

The Bitcoin Halving event in 2024 is also anticipated to drive excitement and investment in the cryptocurrency market. The event, which occurs every four years, reduces the number of new bitcoins generated and has historically been associated with price surges.

Ozawa also predicts that Twitter, the popular social media platform, may come to an end in 2024. The rise of other social media platforms and changing user behavior could contribute to this potential decline.

Elections will also be a prominent focus in 2024, particularly with the integration of AI and data analytics in political campaigns. The use of AI algorithms to analyze voter behavior and predict election outcomes is expected to play a significant role.

Overall, the tech industry in 2023 was driven by advancements in AI, the growth of AR, and the transition back to physical workspaces. Looking ahead to 2024, AI and cryptocurrency are likely to continue shaping the industry, with Apple Vision Pro, the Bitcoin Halving, and potential changes in social media platforms and election campaigns being key areas of focus.