Get ready to kick yourself for missing out on these 3 AI stocks!

3 AI Stocks You’ll Regret Not Buying Soon: December Edition

A lot of signals are pointing to the idea that AI stocks continue to be a strong investment in December and beyond. Here are three AI stocks that investors should consider:

Nvidia (NVDA)

  • Nvidia is the most highly regarded AI stock and produces the most powerful chips for AI applications.
  • Nvidia’s H100 chips are considered the industry standard and are used for training large language models and application in data centers.
  • Nvidia recently announced the release of its H200 chip, which is expected to dominate Edge computing and other AI applications in 2024.


  • While AMD plays second fiddle to Nvidia in the chip sector, its MI300 chips have gained attention and are seen as a strong alternative to Nvidia’s H100 chips.
  • Leading firms in Silicon Valley have expressed interest in purchasing AMD’s MI300 chips, suggesting that they see it as a viable alternative to Nvidia’s chips.

Microsoft (MSFT)

  • Microsoft has developed a strong lead in AI due to its investment in OpenAI.
  • The company’s application of AI to its dominant products and services, such as Copilot, has positioned it for continued growth.
  • Microsoft expects its revenues to double by 2030, driven in part by its AI initiatives.

Overall, these three AI stocks are expected to perform well in 2024 and beyond, making them strong investment opportunities.