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In No Jitter’s ongoing series “Conversations in Collaboration,” the focus is on key trends in enterprise communications technologies. The series includes interviews with executives and thought leaders in the field. The most recent interviews featured Lorrissa Horton of Cisco, Behshad Behzadi of Google Cloud, Pasquale DeMaio of Amazon Connect, Joel Martins of Calabrio, Frank Fawzi of IntelePeer, Brett Weigl of Genesys, Philipp Heltewig of Cognigy, and Terence Chesire of ServiceNow.

The interviews cover a range of topics related to AI and automation in the contact center and customer experience. Each interviewee shared insights into their company’s use of AI and the benefits it offers. They also discussed generative AI and its potential for improving customer interactions and agent experiences.

Some key points from the interviews include:

  • Lorrissa Horton discussed Cisco’s approach to data security in AI and how the company is ensuring customer privacy and compliance.
  • Behshad Behzadi talked about the use of generative AI at Google in its Contact Center AI offering and how it can be used across various industries.
  • Pasquale DeMaio shared Amazon Connect’s history of AI usage and how it is integrated into their contact center offering.
  • Joel Martins discussed current AI implementations in auto-scoring and scheduling and how generative AI can assist contact center managers.
  • Frank Fawzi explained how AI implementations can be used to triage customer interactions before they reach the contact center and how generative AI can further improve this process.
  • Brett Weigl highlighted how AI implementations and generative AI can enhance the customer and agent experience.
  • Philipp Heltewig talked about orchestrating generative AI’s role in the contact center and the possibilities it brings.
  • Terence Chesire discussed how ServiceNow’s platform can be used to define and improve business processes and how generative AI can add further efficiencies.

Overall, these interviews provide valuable insights into the current state and future potential of AI and automation in collaboration and customer experience. The experts highlighted the benefits and challenges of implementing AI, as well as the role of generative AI in improving various aspects of enterprise communications.