Free AI code spots guns, threats on school cameras.

Key points:

  • Young Black voters are demanding that Biden voice his support for Palestinians and call for a cease-fire.
  • A Carlo Scarpa vase, bought for $4 at a Goodwill store, was found to be worth over $100,000.
  • Tech company TikTok had its 2023 review, with a focus on top videos and trends.
  • Tiger Woods’ daughter Sam acted as his caddy at the PNC Championship golf tournament.
  • Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay $148M to Georgia election workers for defamation.

In a notable display of political engagement, some young Black voters expressed their concerns regarding the conflict in the Middle East, stating that they may withhold their support for President Biden unless he advocates more for Palestinians and calls for a cease-fire. The voters’ assertions indicate a significant interest in foreign policy among the younger electorate.

In a surprising financial development, a vase that was bought at a Goodwill store for a mere $4 turned out to be a valuable piece, worth over $100,000. The vase was designed by Carlo Scarpa, an eminent Italian architect highly regarded in the design industry. The find underscores the potential for serendipitous discovery in everyday retail environments.

Turning to the tech world, Chinese social media giant TikTok has released a review of their 2023 highlights, which included top videos and predominant trends. The platform, known for its short form video sharing format, has become a barometer for worldwide online culture and has a wide-ranging impact on social media trends.

In the world of sports, Tiger Woods’ daughter Sam gained attention by functioning as his caddy during the PNC Championship golf tournament. This marks a significant family-inclusive occasion within the professional sports environment.

On a legal note, Rudy Giuliani, former attorney of ex-president Donald Trump, has been mandated to pay $148M to Georgia election workers whom he defamed during the contentious 2020 election season. Giuliani’s claims of rampant election fraud were deemed baseless and led to this sizable fine.