Flavor Flav flaunts Swift hoodie, dishes on AI-Chuck D project & more!


  • Flavor Flav discusses his collaboration with Chuck D on the AI-generated song “Every Where Man,” which translates the track into multiple languages
  • Flav expresses his excitement about using AI technology correctly and emphasizes the importance of AI being used in a positive way
  • Flav shows off his Taylor Swift hoodie and praises her as one of the most influential artists of our time

Flavor Flav, of the iconic hip-hop group Public Enemy, sat down with Billboard to discuss his recent collaboration with his bandmate Chuck D on the AI-generated song “Every Where Man.” Flav explains that the inspiration for the song came from Chuck D, who wanted to highlight Flav’s ubiquitous presence, hence the title. Flav describes the process of working on the song, with Chuck D writing the lyrics and Flav providing the vocals.

One of the key aspects of “Every Where Man” is that it uses AI technology to translate the song into multiple languages. Flav expresses his amazement at hearing his voice in Spanish and Korean, and appreciates the opportunity to showcase the positive use of AI. He believes that AI has been misused in the past and wants to be one of the first artists to demonstrate its correct use.

During the interview, Flav also shows off his Taylor Swift hoodie, which was gifted to him by a fan. He praises Taylor Swift as one of the most important and influential artists of our time. Flav proudly wears the hoodie, representing the era in which he believes he is currently in: 1989.

Flavor Flav’s collaboration with Chuck D on “Every Where Man” highlights the potential of AI technology in the music industry. By using AI to translate the song into multiple languages, Flav is able to reach a wider audience and create a more inclusive listening experience. Additionally, Flav’s admiration for Taylor Swift showcases the impact and influence that she has had on the music industry. Overall, Flavor Flav’s interview with Billboard provides insight into his latest musical endeavors and his thoughts on the use of AI in music.