AI’s ubiquitous at CES 2024, showcasing the coolest tech yet!


  • AI technology is prevalent at CES 2024, being used in a variety of creative ways.
  • Some standout examples of AI tech include the Rabbit R1, Samsung’s Ballie AI robot, Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro, Samsung’s AI upscaling for TVs, Volkswagen’s integration of ChatGPT, LG’s AI image processing for OLED TVs, Microsoft laptops with a dedicated AI key, Seer Grill’s AI-controlled Perfecta grill, and the Oclean X Ultra AI-powered toothbrush.

AI is the dominant theme at CES 2024, with numerous examples of how the technology is being utilized across various industries. From home devices to smartphones and TVs, AI is making an impact in innovative and practical ways.

One example of AI technology at CES is the Rabbit R1, a $199 device that serves as a digital assistant, simplifying tasks like streaming music, ordering food, and booking travel. The Rabbit R1 eliminates the need for using phone apps by using secure cloud-based apps to carry out these tasks.

Samsung’s Ballie AI robot has also been updated with new features, including an onboard projector and AI capabilities. The robot can act as a personal assistant, walking around and responding to commands. The built-in projector can detect people’s postures and adjust the projection angle accordingly.

The Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro is a gaming phone that utilizes AI technology in various ways. It features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which powers AI-focused features such as Semantic Search and AI noise-canceling for voice and video calls. The phone also includes an AI wallpaper generator.

Samsung is using AI to enhance its line of 8K QLED TVs, with AI image upscaling that can convert standard definition content to 8K resolution. The company is also using AI for features like AI-generated images and automatic TV mode switching based on the content being played.

Volkswagen is integrating ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, into its line of EVs and gas-powered vehicles. This allows owners to interact with their cars and ask for information or recommendations, such as finding nearby restaurants.

LG’s top-end OLED TVs, the G4 and M4, will feature the Alpha 11 processor, which uses AI to enhance clarity, color, and sharpness. Microsoft’s new line of XPS laptops will have a dedicated AI key called Copilot, which can assist with document summarization, web searching, and generative image creation.

Seer Grill has developed the Perfecta grill, an AI-controlled grill that aims to improve cooking over time. The grill learns from vertical grilling and adapts its cooking techniques accordingly. The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush is another example of AI in action, using bone conduction technology to provide feedback and tips on brushing techniques.

Overall, AI technology is making waves at CES 2024, with diverse applications that improve various aspects of daily life.