AI uncorks the secrets of taste for winemakers everywhere.


Key points:

  • AI is being used by companies like Winespace and Tastry to analyze and understand wine flavor profiles.
  • AI helps winemakers by providing unbiased insights and consumer preferences.

Key Elements of the Article:

For centuries, wine appreciation has been considered an art form. Recently, AI technology has started to make its way into the wine industry, aiding winemakers in understanding and meeting consumer taste preferences. Global wine consumption has seen a decline since 2017, and the use of AI to analyze data on flavor profiles is seen as a potential solution to this trend.

Winespace’s Tastee AI is a tool that digitizes traditional tasting practices and provides precise analysis of wine profiles. It is currently used by prestigious competitions like Concours Mondial de Bruxelles to streamline the judging process and offer insights to producers based on expert tasting notes.

Tastry, another company utilizing AI, analyzes chemical composition of wines and consumer feedback to provide market-oriented scores. This helps wineries understand how well their wines may be received by the public, guiding product development and marketing strategies.

AI technology is seen as a way to empower winemakers to craft wines that align with consumer preferences, ultimately making the industry more accessible to a wider audience and helping more people find wines they love to drink.