AI disputes in SAG-AFTRA game contract talks; possible strike discussed.


Key points from the article:

  • The chance of a strike against video game producers by SAG-AFTRA members is “50-50 or more likely.”
  • The major sticking point in negotiations is the use of AI and how it impacts performers.

The article discusses the ongoing negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and major video game companies regarding the use of AI in productions. SAG-AFTRA chief Duncan Crabtree-Ireland highlighted that the chances of a strike by union members are significant due to disagreements over AI implementation. The union’s stance revolves around ensuring consent and fair compensation for performers when AI is involved.

The use of AI in Hollywood’s largest studios is also a point of contention, with the focus on finding ways to utilize the technology without threatening jobs. Negotiations between the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers and SAG-AFTRA have brought AI regulations to the forefront earlier than expected, setting a precedent for future industry contracts.

In summary, the key elements of the article include the uncertainty of a strike, the importance of consent and compensation for performers in AI-driven productions, and the evolving landscape of negotiating AI regulations in the entertainment industry.