AI credited for Jason Palmer’s surprise win over Joe Biden.


Summary of Surprise Democratic Primary winner credits AI for beating Biden


– Jason Palmer, a businessman from Maryland, credits AI for his surprise win over Joe Biden in American Samoa during the Democratic primary.

– Palmer used a generative AI named PalmerAI, created for $25,000, to campaign virtually in Samoa.

Key Elements:

Super Tuesday saw President Joe Biden losing to Jason Palmer in American Samoa.

Palmer credits his PalmerAI for helping him campaign virtually in a region where Biden had less presence.

The AI, created in collaboration with Conversica, reached 44,000 voters across the US.

Palmer’s AI only speaks on specific topics related to his campaign and election.

A debate arises on the use of generative AI in elections and its impact on voter dissatisfaction.

Palmer’s win in American Samoa may reflect voter dissatisfaction with President Biden’s policies.

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