Welcome to the era of our Automated Future, right now.

Key Points:

  • Automation and artificial intelligence will boost efficiency and create new, better-paying jobs
  • Automation, like Ford’s assembly line, will benefit America’s middle class

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are often feared for their potential to take away jobs, but the author argues that these technologies will actually benefit America’s middle class, just like Ford’s assembly line did in the early 20th century. The rise of automation will open up new opportunities in the workforce and lead to the creation of new, higher-paying jobs.

One example of automation in action is Amazon’s BOS27 warehouse, which uses humanoid robots to sort and move items. These robots, such as Digit from Agility Robotics, use AI to navigate the warehouse environment. Amazon has over 750,000 robots in its warehouses, which has led to a 15% decrease in accidents compared to warehouses without robots.

Contrary to the fears that automation will eliminate jobs, the author argues that it will actually create new, better-paying jobs. For instance, Amazon has added 700 new positions to support its robotics programs, which include software developers, operating managers, and technicians. These positions offer better working conditions and higher salaries than the backbreaking work of warehouse workers.

Automation will also bring down costs for goods and services, leaving consumers with more money in their pockets to save or spend. As investors, paying attention to automation is crucial as it will lead to increased productivity, fatter profit margins, and more bottom-line revenue. Amazon is one company leading in robotic automation and stands to benefit from automating its warehouses. Additionally, there are smaller automation companies that offer high reward potential for investors.

In conclusion, the author dismisses the fears of mass unemployment due to automation, arguing that it is a common fear tactic that is not grounded in reality. Instead, automation will bring about new opportunities and benefits for America’s middle class, just as Ford’s assembly line did over a century ago.