Warning: AI ‘Ghosts’ Pose Threat to Mental Health, Expert Alert


Key Points:

  • AI technology can now create virtual representations of deceased loved ones, known as ghostbots.
  • While ghostbots may offer comfort to the bereaved, they also have the potential to harm mental health by interfering with the grieving process.

The emergence of AI ‘ghosts’ raises concerns about their impact on mental health, particularly for individuals who are grieving. While these virtual representations of deceased loved ones may provide comfort and closure, they also have the potential to perpetuate confusion, stress, depression, and even psychosis. The use of ghostbots as a temporary aid to mourning is recommended to avoid emotional dependence on the technology.

Grief is a complex process that takes time to navigate, and the introduction of AI ghostbots could complicate this process further. There are risks that ghostbots could say harmful things or give inappropriate advice, leading to potential psychological harm for individuals in mourning. Additionally, the ability of AI technology to fabricate information raises concerns about the reliability and oversight of these virtual representations.

Forgetting is an essential part of healthy grief, and individuals are encouraged to find new and meaningful ways to remember their deceased loved ones. Rituals and symbols can play a key role in honoring the memory of lost loved ones and facilitating the process of properly remembering in order to properly forget.

Overall, while AI ‘ghosts’ may offer a way to reconnect with the past, their potential impact on mental health and the grieving process requires careful consideration and oversight to ensure their use is beneficial rather than harmful.