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  • Glidance, a robotics startup, has developed a device that aims to help sight-impaired individuals navigate safely and independently.
  • The device perceives the world around it and leads the user on a safe path to their destination.
  • The device is designed to be affordable, with a price tag similar to that of a new cell phone.
  • Glidance plans to begin beta testing of the device in 2024 and will exhibit at the CES 2024 tech show.

Glidance is a startup company specialising in robotic solutions, particularly for sight-impaired individuals. The company, founded by CEO Amos Miller, who lost his own sight in his twenties, has developed a device that perceives the world around it, ultimately guiding sight-impaired individuals to navigate safely on their own.

The Glidance device, small in form, is aimed at being easy to use and quick to learn. It leads the user on a safe path to their destination, promising to give the sight-impaired a renewed sense of independence. This technology effectively fills a gap in the current resources available to blind individuals, as the need for guide dogs far exceeds the available number.

The company is an active member of MassRobotics, a shared workspace for robotics startups. Joyce Sidopoulos, Chief of Operations at MassRobotics, praised Glidance, stating that their technology is revolutionising accessibility and exemplifies the positive impact of robotics on society and individual lives.

The Glidance device will undergo beta testing in 2024. Although the device possesses a small form factor, it is intended to have a similar price tag to a new cellphone, increasing its affordability.

For those interested in learning more, Glidance will be exhibiting their product at the up1coming CES 2024 tech show.