‘Utah leads the way in AI safety and innovation!’


– Utah created the Office of Artificial Intelligence to navigate the rise of AI
– The office aims to foster innovation, protect the public, and observe and learn

What happens when a new technology enters the mainstream that will evolve faster than humans can adapt? This was the question that led Utah leaders to establish the Office of Artificial Intelligence. By passing SB149 during the 2024 legislative session, the Utah Department of Commerce launched this office, led by Zachary Boyd from Brigham Young University. The goal of this office is to consult with various stakeholders and propose potential regulatory measures related to AI.

Governor Spencer Cox emphasized the importance of collaboration between government and innovators, working together to regulate and protect the marketplace and citizens. The office will provide recommendations to the Legislature and have regulatory relief and learning lab approaches to drive innovation while studying policy areas.

The first focus of the learning lab will be on studying the use of generative AI in mental health services to establish necessary guardrails for using AI when handling private data. The ultimate goal of the Office of Artificial Intelligence is to create more trust in technology and leverage its benefits safely for the future.