Upgrade your Mercedes-Benz with an AI-Powered Virtual Assistant. Get ready!


  • Mercedes-Benz will reveal its new AI-powered personal assistant at CES 2024.
  • The MBUX Virtual Assistant aims to provide a new level of personalization and human-like interaction for drivers.

Mercedes-Benz is set to showcase its new MBUX Virtual Assistant, an AI-powered personal assistant, at CES 2024. The virtual assistant is seen as the next-generation version of Mercedes-Benz’s complete multimedia system, offering an unprecedented level of personalization to users and revolutionizing the driver-car relationship with natural, human-like interaction. The AI-powered feature, which utilizes a natural language interface, allows drivers to control various conditions within the car. Mercedes-Benz describes it as an “extension of you” and aims to provide a hyper-personalized and intuitive customer experience. The new design of the voice assistant incorporates high-resolution game-engine graphics from Unity, giving it a “whole new visual dimension.” Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola K√§llenius states that the company is reinventing the digital passenger experience by leveraging AI to offer human-like interactions with the intelligent MBUX Virtual Assistant. The technology will be gradually integrated into Mercedes-Benz passenger vehicles over the coming years. The CES showcase will also feature developments in in-car entertainment, a partnership announcement, and the North American reveal of a camouflaged prototype of Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming fully electric G-Class.